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You have finally arrived at the very center of Austria! Salzburg’s Lungau is guaranteed to be one of the most beautiful and most unique regions you will encounter in our “Alpine Republic”. Here, in the countryside surrounding the Mitterberg, which rises up like a small island in the middle of Lungau, you will discover a land of absolute purity. From the fertile soils of the Mur and Taurach Valleys, to each of the 13 side valleys and up to the very tips of the highest alpine peaks – which often lie far removed from the nearest habitation, as do Lungau’s more than 60 mountain tarns. The apt motto here is “live healthy and stay in motion”.

The alpine world – where elevation and climate make invaluable contributions.

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburg’s Lungau

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburg’s Lungau Logo

Protection and use, nature and culture in harmony, society and economy extending a hand to one another – every development and every act always with a view to sustainability. Which explains why our region has proudly borne the prestigious title of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburg’s Lungau since 2012. Deeply rooted in inner-Alpine tradition and a vibrant folk heritage, the people here seek to preserve the region’s authenticity, protect its uniqueness with thought and pride, yet still remain open to progress, to the outside world, and keep their finger on the pulse of the times.

Incomparable and natural – of course. Though did you know that, as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Salzburg’s Lungau is on a par with many of the Earth’s other natural wonders? With the Galapagos islands, Ayers Rock and Niagara Falls, for example?

Lake Prebersee

Lake Prebersee

The Prebersee positively radiates freshness and clarity. Above the county seat of Tamsweg, this natural jewel stretches out, a protected landscape that is no way withheld from recreation seekers. Quite the contrary, in fact: Walkers and hikers are invited to experience nature here throughout the year. The winter has a special appeal to cross-country skiers, sledders and backcountry skiers, of course, while on the hottest days of summer it is eager swimmers who seek refreshment in the clear dark waters of this mountain lake. The majestic Preber, with its strikingly long ridgeline, sits enthroned majestically above all of this busy, though orderly and peaceful activity...

The Source of the Mur

The Source of the Mur

The atmosphere at this location is incredibly beautiful and liberating. The source of the River Mur is a mystical place, secluded far back in the valley head of Hintermuhr, where the beginnings of the river appear from beneath the rocks. During its journey, the Mur first flows through Lungau, but another 400 kilometers more through four countries, until emptying into the Black Sea. It is known in the Lungau as “the lifeline”; possibly because, along its banks, it feeds a world of immense biological, cultural and societal diversity.



Discover authenticity and honesty over the course of the year in the Lungau valleys, such as Weisspriachtal, where nature and vegetation set their very own rhythm.

A popular starting point for hikes and mountaineering tours – from flat to steep, for all levels of physical condition.



One of Lungau’s ski mountains in winter, a mountain of exhilarating experiences in summer: By gondola lift, the Grosseck-Speiereck can be reached from Mauterndorf and from St. Michael. Conquer its summit with or without the aid of technology, or perhaps by mountain bike if you are looking to add a few vertical meters to your holiday tally! That said, however you choose to make your way up the mountain:

The unique views of the Lungau will be more than ample reward.



Get married on the Katschberg! A very popular choice nowadays, indeed, at small St. Mary’s Chapel at 1850 meters above sea level against an amazing natural alpine backdrop. But it’s not just reserved for happy couples, of course. Above all, this protected landscape on the border between Salzburg and Carinthia is a year-round destination for all those wanting to catch their breath and escape the daily routine for a while. The “Katschi” has grown steadily in recent years, as an exemplary ski and hiking region with a special commitment to families. From climbing in the high-ropes center to treasure hunts via mountain lift, from ski huts to family hotels.

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